[Samba] Charset module could not load

David van Geyn dataiv-lists-200306 at noc.peon.net
Sat Jun 21 00:26:13 GMT 2003


Everything I've tested so far regarding my Samba 3.0.0 beta 1 installation
works great, despite the following error:

Error loading module '/usr/local/samba/lib/charset/CP850.so': Cannot open

This error comes up when I run any of the Samba binaries, such as
smbpasswd, pdbedit, etc... also it shows up in log.smbd, log.nmbd when
either of those are run. I can't find this module anywhere in the source
directories or on my system anywhere. Is this supposed to be something
that Samba compiles and installs, or am I missing something?

This Samba server is running on a FreeBSD 4.5 system. I also have another
FreeBSD 4.5 system that does the exact same thing.

Has anyone else had this problem?


David van Geyn

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