[Samba] Machine Account Question With LDAP

Ryan Oltman roltman at aae.uiuc.edu
Fri Jun 20 18:43:25 GMT 2003

Where should the sambaPrimaryGroupSID for a machine account point?

Mine point to a SID that is not used.


This SID is showing up in the Administrators Group of computers that
join the domain and it doesn't map to anything (Domain Admins is not be
added to the Administrators Group).  Also this SID minus 1 is showing up
in the Users Group.

Is there a good document that explains SIDs, RIDs & UIDs.  I am
wondering if it is okay for unix uid for some user to be the same a
another user's RID?  From what I currently understand these are complete
different numbers that are tied by some formula to one another.



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