[Samba] how to make unix password and samba password same

Éliás Tamás eliast at veszprog.hu
Thu Jun 19 10:29:24 GMT 2003

> Is it possible to have UNIX password and samba password same so that user 
> only need to remember one
> userid and password ?
> How to sync both this password ?
I had almost the same question a month ago. Pls, revise the archive. You cannot 
sync those two databases (samba and unix). The only solution is, to make the 
login script so, that when u create a new user, it will call smbpasswd and adds 
the same password to the samba database. Or, an other solution to tell the 
users to use smbpasswd after they logged in. And if they use the same password 
as their login password, they will have that. I think this can be the best 
solution. U can avoid a security risc, by not registering users who don't need 
samba in samba's password file. (users may do this with smbpasswd.) By the way 
there is an obsolete sync utility for this problem, but that copies only 
usernames from one password file to the other. It cannot convert the passwords.


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