[Samba] Mapping/mount smb file systems without using password

Brett Hales brett.hales at baesystems.com
Thu Jun 19 07:05:32 GMT 2003

I have been working on getting a Linux workstation to authenticate
against a W2K ADS. I have this working successfully using

I would now like to go one step further and mount/map the Windows
network drives for the logged in client.

I have looked at the man page for smbclient, is it possible to pass
through the winbind password that was used for gdm authentication
through to mount.smb so the user does not have to type the password more
than once?

Even better would be to get the automounter to mount the various
directories needed against scripted automount maps.

Just wondering if the Samba team have progressed this far.

Brett Hales <brett.hales at baesystems.com>

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