[Samba] Goups and domains trusted

GUILLEMOT Yann yann.guillemot at lactalis.fr
Wed Jun 18 14:39:28 GMT 2003


I'm using a proxy squid with authentification NT (Challenge/response) but i
have problem with domains trusted.

I have 2 domains DOMAIN1 and DOMAIN2.

When i use wbinfo i have these results :

wbinfo -t 
secret is good

wbinfo -m

 ./wbinfo -a DOMAIN2\\proxy%proxy01
plaintext password authentication succeeded
challenge/response password authentication succeeded 

It's very good but when i tried to get the groups of my users in my domain
trusted DOMAIN2 the result is :
./wbinfo -r DOMAIN2\\proxy%proxy01
Could not get groups for user DOMAIN2\proxy%proxy01

Please could you help me.


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