[Samba] Re: Full wNT/w2K ACL conformance

Shawn Wright swright at sls.bc.ca
Wed Jun 18 22:27:37 GMT 2003

On 18 Jun 2003 at 15:39, Dragan Krnic wrote:

> >>The show-stopper right now is this: we need to be 
> >>able to assign "real"  Full Control permissions: a 
> >>user who has "Full control" on a directory  should
> >>be able to Read, Write, eXecute ( of course) [ this 
> >>can be easily achieved with ACLs ]  *plus*  being 
> >>able to give away Full Control to other users too
> >>[being able to override inherited ACLs would be a 
> >>plus, too]. Is this feasible (remember smbd runs as 
> >>root... )? Has somebody thought about implementing 
> >>this ?
> If you have Full Control over a directory (e.g. as
> root, or own it or have rwx on it), you can give FC 
> (rwx) to others. Is it perhaps the other way around, 
> that you want to stop this delegation, unless an FC
> EA explicitely allows it? I'm not sure if it can be
> a show-stopper or if it really makes a difference.

In our case, the only users who require "Full Control" access are admins, 
so we use "admin users = @domain/domain admins". Not ideal, but it 
gives us the NT equivalence we require, and has allowed us to migrate a 
large portion of our file storage to Samba.

We find the option "nt acl support = no" to be a nice feature that is not 
available on NT. It prevents our students from messing with ACLs (for 
their own files) which had been a problem on NT. We provide a second 
admin access only share which provides ACL support for admins.

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