[Samba] Unable to run SWAT

Alan Rosenbaum alanrosenbaum at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 15 20:58:11 GMT 2003

I'm trying to learn Samba on a Linux 7.0 box.  I've just installed Samba
2.0.7.  I've been able to run all the tests in DIAGNOSIS.TXT, manually
edit the smb.conf file, and I can even see some folders on the Samba
server from a Windows 98 machine on my LAN.  But I am unable to run SWAT
on the Samba Server (or from any other computer on my LAN).  Every time
I enter http://localhost:901/ from a browser on the server, I am
redirected to a netscape search page with a query of localhost901.

If I try entering the Samba Server's IP address
(http://<ipaddress>:901/), an error dialog pops up saying the server
refused the connection.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Note: I have another Linux 7.0 / Samba 2.0.7 box on my network on which
I'm able to run SWAT.  I've compared the two, and I don't know what the
difference is.


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