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bkrusic at yahoo.com bkrusic at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 13 20:25:06 GMT 2003

> I would like to be able to have the system on the
> UNIX box be able to read the files on
> Windows by using SAMBA to make it a mountable drive.
> Is that possible?

Well, first off, I question your needs here but you
know what you want better than anyone.

Second, if you wan to simply mount a Winblowz
partition on a Unix box (I've only used RedHat to do
this), using the command;

mount -t smbfs //foo/bar /foobar -o username=foo

would work.  Do a man mount to see if -t smbfs is
valid in your Unix.

Also, I know that if you build Samba, there is an
option to build smbmount as well as the smbmount that
comes in RedHat is a bit wierd and I believe is not a
product of samba.org but rather a product of RedHat.


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