[Samba] samba failover plan on unix OS using hardware RAID

Mark Ferlatte ferlatte at cryptio.net
Fri Jun 13 17:43:13 GMT 2003

Jeanne Schock said on Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 01:19:42PM -0400:
> comments. I need to be certain, that if one harddrive fails, that the other
> harddrive will continue as the pdc without any disturbance between XP client
> and samba server, ie. no loss of trust relationship. Simply put, my bosses
> want proof that a RAID will provide this failover, and I can't find anything
> definite on the net on this issue.

The RAID hardware is far below samba (or even the operating system), by design.
The way that a RAID 5 works is that if you lose 1 drive, nothing notices
(except the RAID monitor software, which will hopefully start calling pagers to
get the failed drive replaced).  Samba won't even notice that the drive has

RAID won't protect you against the whole machine crashing/power
outaging/getting it's network card unplugged from the wall by a janitor,

Something to keep in mind is that most IDE RAIDs don't let you hot swap drives,
so while you won't instantly crash when you lose a drive, you will have to
shutdown the computer to perform the disk replacement.

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