[Samba] stability

Ifan Jones ifan at draig.co.uk
Mon Jun 9 07:59:49 GMT 2003

I've just had this and it drove me crazy for a couple of days - started after I had been editing the smb.conf on a remote machine, and the conf file was the same on all three of my Samba servers except for a few lines - turns out I'd managed to get a capital S in one of the paths - took ages to spot such a simple error....

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I'm having problems when I restart the smb server with it not coming back
up. As near as I can tell it's actually NMBD that's having the issue. I'm
running RedHat 9.0 on a Compaq ML-370 with Dual 1.2GHz P3s and I just
upgraded Samba to 2.2.8a-1 after having this same problem with 2.2.7a

When I issue:
#service smb restart

It says that it shut down and restarted ok, but then nobody can logon to
the domain, so I issue it again and it tells me that it couldn't kill
nmbd, but then it starts it OK, and I can get everyone on.

There's also been a few times where it just stopped accepting logons,
after accepting them for most of the day, so I restart it, and it tells me
then that it couldn't kill nmbd either.

testparm doesn't find anything wrong with my config. Does anybody know of
a way to stabalize this?



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