[Samba] stability

Dan Shadix dshadix at trhs.org
Fri Jun 6 18:15:51 GMT 2003

Are you sure that all of the nmbd processes are actually stopping the first time you issue the command.  I had to change the killproc command to killall on one system so that nmbd would actually be completely stopped.


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From: "D. Rick Anderson" <ruger at acsnv.com>
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Date:  Fri, 6 Jun 2003 10:58:33 -0700 (PDT)

>I'm having problems when I restart the smb server with it not coming back
>up. As near as I can tell it's actually NMBD that's having the issue. I'm
>running RedHat 9.0 on a Compaq ML-370 with Dual 1.2GHz P3s and I just
>upgraded Samba to 2.2.8a-1 after having this same problem with 2.2.7a
>When I issue:
>#service smb restart
>It says that it shut down and restarted ok, but then nobody can logon to
>the domain, so I issue it again and it tells me that it couldn't kill
>nmbd, but then it starts it OK, and I can get everyone on.
>There's also been a few times where it just stopped accepting logons,
>after accepting them for most of the day, so I restart it, and it tells me
>then that it couldn't kill nmbd either.
>testparm doesn't find anything wrong with my config. Does anybody know of
>a way to stabalize this?
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