[Samba] Re: fax program

richard rcoates at bigpond.net.au
Fri Jun 6 08:26:49 GMT 2003

My original email said most..you have to customise the script in
/etc/mgetty-sendfax/ which is called when a fax is recieved...sorry
forgot its name, I haven't touched this server in ages!
I haven't actually got around to sending faxes with this setup; most of
our users need to sign them anyway so a fax machine for sending is more
convenient. If you need more detail i'll dig up that script with samba
details etc ..for you.
Don't forget..rule number one! ...a REAL class two modem is a must for
reliable fax reception with mgetty-sendfax. All the cheap modems I
tested were not true class2 . 
Richard Coates.

On Tue, 2003-06-03 at 00:25, Kyle Loree wrote:
> Richard
> I am interested in how you have this fax setup.  I currently am using an
> ancient NT program and am in dire need of upgrading.  could you give me
> some details of how you send to fax and recieve from fax?  I might have to
> play with this for a while too, we have a pretty detailed system here.
> Thanks alot!
> Kyle Loree
> Rendek Communications
> Kyle at caisnet.com

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