[Samba] Re: Retry: RedHat, XFS, and ACL Support

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Jun 6 09:53:38 GMT 2003

>I must have made a mistake and clicked on a different 
>file then I thought in windows.  I was just trying to 
>illustrate how the uid's and gid's show up under the 
>windows security tab and not the domain mappings.
>If you check the acl's under linux it correctly maps 
>domain names and groups from the uid's and gid's.  
>This says to me that the filesystem is working 
>properly with acl's and winbind is working properly, 
>but samba is not mapping the acl's correctly.  I 
>would also hypothesise that this is the reason if you 
>try to give a user or group access to a file it does 
>not accept it.
>Any idea why samba would not be correctly mapping 
>acl's when I configured samba with acl support 
>(./configure --with-acl-support)?

I had the same problem in the beginning and it was
trivial but I can't recollect now what it was exactly.

Try to be logical. Go to the linux side and set a
couple of real ACLs on a file visible from a Samba
share. Check them with getfacl and see how they look
from the client's POV.

I hope other posters will help too. But you are
best suited to debug the problem.


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