[Samba] Re: Re: pdf printer

Norman Zhang nzhang at arkon-group.com
Wed Jun 4 21:22:21 GMT 2003


> > But this only covers the "Install-PDF-Printer-on-CUPS" part.
> >
> > The other part is the "Install-PDF-Printer-on-Windows". Here you have
> > several options. My recommendation is the
> > "Use-the-CUPS-PostScript-Drivers-for-Windows-NT/2K/XP"
> > -and-export-with-the-help-of-cupsaddsmb" one.
> I now have it working on NT/2000. But in 9x/ME, it complains that
> pdfprinter.PPD not found. I checked WINNT\0\, pdfprinter.PPD is in there.
> I even made duplicates like PDFPRINTER.PPD and pdfprinter.ppd, copied the
> file to a local disk, but 9x/ME still cannot find it. Could this be a bug
> somewhere? I don't know why I'm seeing all these strange cases 8(

I found a workaround to the above problem. For 9x/ME clients I use the Adobe
PostScript Installer to add network printer instead of Add Printer from
Windows. Adobe PostScript Installer won't prompt me file not found. It gives
me an option to overwrite pdfprinter.PPD. If I choose Yes to overwrite,
everything works fine. I hope this is helpful to anyone who might experience
this problem.


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