[Samba] different use for smbpasswd

Alceu R. de Freitas Jr. glasswalk3r at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jun 4 13:23:47 GMT 2003


I´m would like to include the username in smbpasswd,
as the comment field in /etc/passwd permits to.

Checking the smbpasswd manpage (filed format) I could
check the following information:

"Last Change Time

    This field consists of the time the account was
last modified. It consists of the characters LCT-
(standing for "Last Change Time") followed by a
numeric encoding of the UNIX time in seconds since the
epoch (1970) that the last change was made. 

Following fields

    All other colon separated fields are ignored at
this time."

I´m asking myself if I could include a one more field,
separated by a colon, after the "Last Change Time"
field, and include the username (or any other
commentary) there. Did anybody already try to do this?
Can Samba be prone to errors with this change?

Thanks to all,

Alceu Rodrigues de Freitas Junior
glasswalk3r at yahoo.com.br
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