[Samba] Re: Samba+CUPS+Drivers autodownload

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Wed Jun 4 13:24:52 GMT 2003

>I'm still trying to set my Samba box up to allow the 
>Adobe PS drivers to be automatically downloaded.
>Thanks to a couple of replies, I've tried three 
>courses of action, none of which have been 
>successful. These are:

Your problem is trivial, Matt, but you're not doing
the right thing to find out how trivial it is. By
opting "-v" in your "cupsaddsmb" call in you are
seeing only the client's point of view on the problem. 
There is much more going on on the server side, which
rpcclient cannot show because its crystal ball is
as usual dusted over and it doesn't get much of
diagnostic from the rpc_server, just go/no-go.

Do yourself a favour and proceed as follows:

0. insert the option "debug timestamps = Yes" in your
   smb.conf and let it take effect. "smb restart" or

   psj smbd | \
   while read pid pid rest;
   do kill -HUP $pid; 

   would do.

1. cd to the samba log dir and clean up your host's
   (WINS name for localhost) file, e.g.

   cd /var/log/samba
   > yourhost.log

2. increase debugging level liberally, e.g.

   smbcontrol smbd debug 9999

3. do your 
   cupsaddsmb -v -U root oki7200

4. reduce debugging level to normal

   smbcontrol smbd debug 1

5. try to make sense of so much static noise in
   "yourhost.log". If you need help, gzip and
   mail the file to someone (I volunteer).


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