[Samba] Re: ./configure --with-pam fails always

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Jun 3 10:54:56 GMT 2003

John, don't be harsh with Philippe. To answer his
question, you don't really need any more information
than what he abundantly provided in his mailing.

His problem is that he hasn't installed the ldap-devel 
or pam-devel or some other of the more than 100 devel packages that might be needed to compile samba with
a distinctive set of --with-this-or-that options.

His compiler simply cannot link to -lpam when
compiling EGID and popt tests. So find out which
package contains libpam.so and install it.

I think it would be a constructive remedy if you could
post on samba's site at a conspicuous spot the
required devel package dependences for people who
roll their own installation.


PS: By asking him for further information, you're
just calling for more trouble, since he will probably
again quote initial letter as aggressively as you did.

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