[Samba] authentification problems

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Tue Jun 3 03:58:47 GMT 2003

Hi Daniel and Tom,

I have a even worst situation, my NT domain users can never login my
Samba server under NT Domain authentication.
No problem with guest or specify a Unix user name.

I had every thing done according to documentation and Used wbinfo -u,
wbinfo -g, getent passwd, getent group to make sure it get 
groups and users on the NT Domain. 

Can you tell me how to specify a shre to a NT domain user and groups,
like '@domain+user' and '@group' ?

Been going through this mailing list for months now, but I didn't found
any follow-up on the same issue. Is it that difficult that
No one knows the solution ? I doubt it.  It's sad as I suppose an open
source community is based on collaboration. 

Would be glad if you can show me somewhere else to look for answers.


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Hi Tom,

meanwhile I'm using Samba 2.2.8a, and I don't have a real solution for
the problem. I managed to reduce the occurance of the error by using
"security = domain" and "password server = *". The problem occures only
on about 6% of all clients (log level 1, max log size 300kB). So I
decided to ignore these errors. If a user complains about that (PW query
pops up, correct PW is rejected), I suggest to log off from windows and
log on again.

Best regards,

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I saw your message which is archived at

and wondered if you had eventually found a solution to the 

I am currently experiencing a similar problem, but I see that there were
no follow-ups to your message on the mailing list.

  best wishes,

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