[Samba] Segfault in Samba

Maarten Tromp maarten at tikkenteller.nl
Mon Jun 2 20:06:36 GMT 2003

hello, maarten here.
i get some strange segfaults in my samba server. i'm probably doing 
someting conpletely wrong, but i'm not able to figure out what it is....

there is a. pretty huge, data share. (over 100k files, over 150GB). when 
i do a recursive listing with smbclient or mount, it starts normal, but 
after a couple of normal filenames, i get a couple of first letters of 
filenames, and then a "Error in dskattr: Call returned zero bytes (EOF)"

testparm thinks my configfile is OK, and my filesystem is clean. nfs and 
local access are OK.
i'm running debian/unstable, samba version 2.999+3.0.alpha24-3 for 
Debian. i don't know if this problem only applies to debian.

i hope you have a use for this info....

anyway, keep up the good work!

maarten tromp.

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