[Samba] daemon crashes

Vidiot brown at mrvideo.vidiot.com
Sun Jun 1 03:34:42 GMT 2003

Linux: RedHat 7.1
Samba: 2.2.7
Windoze #1: 98SE
Windoze #2: W2K

Here is the situation: copy files from W1 to Linux.  At same time, transfer
those files from Linux to W2.  Of course, the transfer from Linux to W2
doesn't occur until the particular file has completed the transfer from
W1 to Linux.  This senerio of dual transfer from the same area on the Linux
disc will ultimately case the smbd process to crash.

But, if I let all of the files from W1 get transferred before starting ther
transfer from Linux to W2, smbd doesn't die.

FYI: W1 is not allowed to directly transfer to W2 and vice-versa.  The reason
is that both boxes do video firewire capture and the idiotic overhead that
Windblows has can cause the firewire transfer to drop frames.

Any hints on keeping smbd from crashing in this situation will be appreciated.

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