[Samba] Re: Mdk 9.1, samba-LDAP 2.2.8a/3.0b3 (LDAP) can't print to z53

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Thu Jul 31 21:20:46 GMT 2003

>Well it really wouldn't be fair to ask Buchan to jump 
>through his bungholio over this.  I'ld be pretty 
>ticked off if someone asked me to. What about turning 
>up the loglevel to10 for a test and then I could do 
>something like this:
>tail -f /var/log/messages | grep 'INTERNAL ERROR'
>Then I try to upload the drivers again and if I see 
>the error, I'll know  it is time to give up on 2.2.8 
>and just wait for 3.0 Any reason you can think of why 
>this won't work for detecting the bug in question?

If you read carefully the bug thread #82, that's
pretty much what I did. But once I found what was 
wrong, I also tried to fix it. That's probably why I 
love samba printing and you choose to hate it.

If something like that happens with a WinDoze, once
you've exhausted all the mouse clicks prescribed by
Mr. Ballmer, well, tough luck. With open source, you 
dig deeper and you realize the software has been
written by people like you and me - not perfect, but
perfectionable. Nothing stops you from making it work,
if by chance it's broke. The maintainers have probably 
fixed it in 3.0 in such a way that the sysadmin 
reporting routine doesn't have to be taken out of the 
loop. I thought, what the hell, I'm the only printer 
admin on my system, so why should I want to know that 
I've installed all those printers if I know already. 
But if you want to know exactly that you have 
installed the goddamn z53, there's no way around 
waiting until 3.0 is safe enough for you and buchan. I 
don't know, it's not everyone's beer, but it was fun 
picking up the pieces of the puzzle (different 
components like templates, patch files etc.) to make 
my distro's samba.spec amenable to an rpm build, i.e. 
compile the whole samba suite without an error. You 
learn a lot like that. And you get the job done.

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