Michael Paarmann post at chemiegott.de
Thu Jul 31 20:51:42 GMT 2003

Hi there !

I've configured a Samba 2.2.8a-Server as a NT-PDC and it work very fine 
with nearly 50 workstations.
But now a strange problem appears: I cannot add a Win2000-Workstation to my 
domain anymore.
I've tried a lot of things (changing the computer name, deleting the 
machine account and crating a new one and so on...),
but nothing works. Some days ago the Workstation was a member of the 
domain. I've changed nothing, but i can't add it anymore.
Win2000 says always, that there a conflict.  On other workstations the same 
operation works fine.

I fear, that this is a windows issue and not a Samba problem, so perhaps my 
posting is in the wrong mailinglist, but maybe anyone here can
give me a hint.

Thanx in advance !!!



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