[Samba] Found RegToAdm util !

Urs Rau urs.rau at uk.om.org
Thu Jul 31 20:20:56 GMT 2003

Samba admins,

I have stumbled across a FREE & interesting utility that allows one to 
create Policy Templates straight from an registry export "*.reg" 
(unicode or ansi), thank you Yizhar Hurwitz.


Hope somebody else finds this usefull too.

Urs Rau


Now if anybody knows of a unix commandline util/script that creates both 
User and Machine "Registry.pol" files from either "*.reg" or "*.ADM" 
files, my day will be very happy. (see seperate email with subject: 
"utility/script -> "Registry.pol" from "*.reg" or "*.ADM" ?")

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