R: [Samba] Samba rewrite file's owner

Samuele Brignoli samuele.brignoli at darpha.com
Thu Jul 31 16:06:04 GMT 2003

I've got two group "groupA" and "groupB". My user say "userA" is part of
"groupA" and "groupB".
Another user "userB" is part only of "groupB". userB create a file "fileX".
userA modify this file.
the final result is that now the fileX is owned by userA with group "groupB"
and so it's no more
readable by userB. This conceptually overrides the creator concept that was
"userB". How can I manage this
situation in a clear way?

	Thanks, Samuele.

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This is due to the way microsoft works (at least office).  When a
file is edited, Microsoft creates a temp file for the edit session
and locks the original.  When you write the file, the original is
deleted and the temp file is renamed to the original file.
Since the temp file is owned by the new user, after write the new
file is owned by the user who edited the file.


On Monday 28 July 2003 05:58 am, Samuele Brignoli wrote:
> I've tried to share a file with two users logged in a samba PDC. Their
> username are user1 and user2. If I create a file with user1 and then
> it with user2, the final owner's user of the file is user2. Isn't it a
> strange behaviour ?
> 	Thanks in advance, SB.

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