[Samba] Problem loading roaming profiles on a memer server

Lionel Porcheron lionel.porcheron at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jul 30 22:41:03 GMT 2003


I have two samba server. The PDC and a member server that exports some
user accounts and shares. The PDC exports ohter accounts. When I logon on
a Windows client with an account exported by the PDC, everything is ok.
When i tried to logon with an account exported by the member server,
Windows can not load the roaming profile.

The path of the profile is specified in the LDAP (I am using Samba
3.0b13). Once I have loged in, I have access to the account exported by
the member server.

Does someone have an idea of the problem ? Should the profiles only be
exported by the PDC ?

Thanks for your help


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