[Samba] Sharing out a Chrooted jail

Dan Gapinski dan.gapinski at qsi-r2.com
Wed Jul 30 21:55:29 GMT 2003


First off, I would like to say that Samba has already beat my uptime record
for Windows NT - I couldn't be happier with it! But I am trying to change
the environment and am running into trouble. Specifically, I have some users
logging on that have their own chrooted homedirs, located in a
/home/jail/home/userx type of fashion. I would like to make all the homedirs
under /home/jail/home available to my Samba users, yet sharing
/home/jail/home brings Samba to halt & not accept domain logons. I did made
sure that my Samba users' Linux group had permissions to the main folder of
homedirs in the chroot jail, but that did not suffice - the next time I
reloaded the service, no user logons would happen.

SO, what would any of you do in this scenario? I am sure it is a permissions
issue, but don't know why. Would you give permissions to the upper-level
folders above the chroot jail as well?

And the last, most important question, is there something wrong with the
gui when you use it to change permissions instead of chmod?

Many thanks,

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