[Samba] Status message when printing from Windows 2000

Kevin Castle kcastle at mycreditunion.cc
Wed Jul 30 14:54:55 GMT 2003

I currently have Samba server I am trying to make into a print server.
Things print fine from both the linux box that is running the samba server
and the Windows 2000 client. Under the Printers Folder (Start --> Settings
--> Printers) the Status message beside the printers on the Samba print
server reads 'Access denied, unable to connect'. Again I have to say
EVERYTHING prints fine. It just reports this in the status information under
Printers. The config file listed below has two printers with different
settings, both still read the same under Printer Status and both print fine.

My server, client and Samba config are listed below.
System being used for  samba server:
Debian 3.0
Samba  2.2.3a-12.3

Windows 2000 Professional


# Anything marked with XX-XX has been altered for the mailing list 
# Global parameters
        password server = XX-XX
        wins server = XX-XX
        printing = lprng
        security = domain
        encrypt passwords = yes
        workgroup = XX-XX
        load printers = yes
        public = yes
        os level = 20
        printcap = /etc/printcap
        allow hosts = XX-XX/XX-XX
        load printers = yes
        socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=8192 SO_SNDBUF=8192

#       comment = Home Directories
#       create mask = 0700
#       directory mask = 0700
#       browseable = No

        path = /home/smbprint
        printer = hp_acct
        browseable = no
        writeable = yes
        create mode = 0700
        available = yes
        guest account = XX-XX
        printable = yes
        read-only = no
        guest ok = yes

        path = /var/spool/lpd/acct_oki
        printer = acct_oki
        browseable = yes
        writeable = no
        create mode = 0700
        printable = yes
        read-only = yes
#        guest only = yes
#        guest account = XX-XX
        guest ok = yes
#        available = yes

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