[Samba] cupsaddsmb claims to work but fails

Damien Bonvillain kame at cinemasie.com
Tue Jul 29 21:48:57 GMT 2003

> Damien Bonvillain kame at cinemasie.com wrote on Samba-digest
> > Tue Jul 29 00:58:38 GMT 2003
> >
> > Case strange... I've past probably 30 hours by now on this, crawling the web, and
> > attempts. I managed to make cupsaddsmb run without producing an error, but it fails.
> *Where* does it fail? *What* is not working for you?
The drivers seem to be not added properly. The files are in the right directories, but
enumdrivers returns nothing.
Furthermore under windows (W2K SP4), the files are visible on the properties tab for
print$, but when I try to add the printer, it says that no driver is adequate on the

> > Ask
> > me for anything,
> I am asking you for a detailed description of any error.
> Your mail only includes successfull commands and their
> output....
That is what is strange :-)

> The "enumdrivers 3" command is buggy in most versions of
> Samba 2.2.x. Just avoid level 3. Use plain "enumdrivers"
> and "enumdrivers 2"....
Same result.

Attached a level 7 smbd log corresponding to the whole cupsaddsmb.


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