[Samba] getting rid of NetBIOS

Nicolas Gieczewski lists.samba.org at nixsoftware.com
Tue Jul 29 16:20:35 GMT 2003

No problem, glad it helped some :-)  If you want to make sure Win2k is 
the culprit and don't have a separate machine to test with, you can grab
an evaluation version of VMware, put it on your Win2k box and install
some flavor of UNIX with Samba on it with bridged networking. Then do
some test transfers from your current Samba box to the virtual machine
running Samba, and see how they turn out. The underlying Win2k on
which the virtual machine is running won't affect the SMB traffic, for it
will relay it transparently to the virtual machine without even knowing
it's SMB traffic. That worked for me in figuring out my Win2k was having
trouble receiving from my Samba box (it generated longish traffic pauses
for some reason that I still haven't figured out--my thread on that is
more down the message list). Installing WinXP in a virtual machine running
on the same Win2k box revealed that XP did not exhibit the same
behavior, and it was my particular Win2k installation which had the

Good luck.

Nicolas Gieczewski
Nix Software Solutions

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> Yes, just make it listen on port 445 by starting samba with the -p 445
> command-line switch. If you have any Win9x/ME clients on your network,
> though, they won't like that. ;)

That worked beautifully (had to specify a different configuration file so 
the PID ran elsewhere (I'm running two copies, one over 137-139 and one on 
445)...  Unfortunately it too seems to limit the size of packets to one 
ethernet frame.

I'm fairly certain it's win2k that is doing this limiting; I have smb.conf 
set up to allow 65536 byte packets.

So it didn't work for what I wanted, but it is running without NetBIOS now  
:-)  Thank you.


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