[Samba] Re: drive mapping's connection problems

Nicolas Gieczewski lists.samba.org at nixsoftware.com
Tue Jul 29 16:08:27 GMT 2003

I'm the only user on this one box, so I never log off. Drive letters are mapped
just fine whenever I log on, and they aren't unmapped unless I reboot, which
I do every two weeks or so. That message usually comes up after not actively
using the share for a while, like a few hours or maybe a day, but not always.
In spite of what it claims about the connection not having been restored, it
always _is_ automatically restored after closing the message window.

What's more, sometimes I've checked the status of connections with `net use`
from a console prior to attempting to access the mapped drive letters, and they
showed as disconnected. "Ok, now I'll get the message", I thought. However,
when I tried to access the mapped drive letters associated to those broken
connections, the connections were transparently restored and the message
was _not_ shown. *shrugs* Windows is weird.

Nicolas Gieczewski
Nix Software Solutions

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From: "Chris Krieger" <ckrieger at radiance-group.com>
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Subject: RE: drive mapping's connection problems

It sounds to me like when the user logs out, the drives are not being
unmapped, do you have a logon script that deletes all shared drives at
logoff/shut down.
Something to the effect of [net use * /delete] works really well

That will keep that message from coming up at least

Chris Krieger

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