[Samba] getting rid of NetBIOS

Nicolas Gieczewski nicolas at nixsoftware.com
Tue Jul 29 15:39:00 GMT 2003

Yes, just make it listen on port 445 by starting samba with the -p 445
command-line switch. If you have any Win9x/ME clients on your network,
though, they won't like that. ;)

Hope it helps.

Nicolas Gieczewski
Nix Software Solutions

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Subject: [Samba] getting rid of NetBIOS

Is it possible to run a samba server strictly over TCP/IP?  (i.e. without 
NetBIOS) -- I can turn off NetBIOS on win2k but I only see the win2k 
computers which are sharing drives now -- no samba servers.

I'd like to see if this improves my performance since NetBIOS seems stuck 
with small (1 ethernet frame, no fragmentation) packets.


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