[Samba] need help

zel at free.fr zel at free.fr
Mon Jul 28 11:04:48 GMT 2003

First, sorry for the english mistakes...

I have a small problem:

My configuration is described just below:

                        <-     -> Internet 
FreeBSD firewall nating <- DMZ -> FreeBSD server (some services + Samba) 
                        <- local lan -> ... some workstations + server NT4.

smb.conf is the one below:

	netbios name = COMPUTERNAME
	workgroup = DOMAINNAME
	password server = NTSERVERNAME
	security = domain
	encrypt password = yes

	path = the_path_of_the_directory
	guest ok = yes

For the moment, I just want this but, after I will append some services.

I've made the configuration of the passwords.

So: I can connect without give my password to the [net] service but it is 
normal since I ve put guest ok...

My problem is:
One, samba does not show the netbios name in the Windows explorer but the IP 
address of the computer.
Second, it does not appear in the domain, but I must search for it.
Third, samba does not appear online in the NT4 domain viewer. I can see my PDC, 
the NT4/NT5 workstations but the samba appears like a NT4 computer not online...

What I can say is that I do not till apply the command : smbpasswd -j <domain> -
r <PDC> -U <NT administrator>
But, I append UNIX and SAMBA accounts for <NT administrator> but whitout thoses 
Is it the reason of this or not ?
Does it make appear the correct name and show the computer on line after 
applying this command ?



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