[Samba] Re: I've always HATED printing with Samba

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Jul 28 11:02:49 GMT 2003

>>Can't you give your subject line a more positive 
>>spin like:
>>   How frustrating printing can be for a newbie admin
>>   Looks like I'll never understand printing
>1. If I had done this I may have been ignored or 
>   recieved less attetion.
>2. I've wasted countless hours working on it and it 
>   has never worked for me, not even once.  
>Consequently, from my perspective, it is hard to see 
>how anyone could like it.

I for one love it. It's really very easy, once you've
played with it for a while. If you've "wasted" some 
time, then you're half way through to loving samba
printing too.

People on samba lists do care about each other's
problems out of solidarity and as a way to compensate
for being able to use a terrific free and open tool.

The best subject line is a succinct description of the
problem. Your problem is not that you HATE printing
with samba. Rather your problem is NOT BEIN ABLE to
get samba printing going. Therefore ideally your
subject line should read:

  "Sub: RH 9.01, samba 2.2.8a - can't print to z53"

Putting negative feelings in the subject line makes
samba look bad, whereas in most of the threads I
followed, samba wasn't the problem at all. Mostly it
was a matter of various degrees of lack of experience.

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