[Samba] srvtools.exe or nexus.exe

robowarp at gmx.de robowarp at gmx.de
Sat Jul 26 22:50:12 GMT 2003

Hi John,
thank you for that qualified answer,
this was the reaction i expected.( positive  )
Now i am seeing clearer on the problem.
I posted my smb.conf and the logs serveral times
You and the other coders doing great stuff on making samba work.
Sorry i felt a little bit frustrated so i decide to post a little bit harder
to take sombody to action.
I am using samba since years , in big production enviroments and i am very
thankfull to all of the team.
i didnt attach the smb.conf to the bug or the log cause i wasnt able to get
it ,at time of posting, cause 
i cant get to my test systems through the firewalls, but i will do as fast
it is possible.
Life long and prosper.
Best Regards

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