[Samba] Status of Samba3 Beta3

Jim C jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Fri Jul 25 16:42:30 GMT 2003

Well I've got my LDAP setup correct as far as I can tell and I'm still 
gettting errors @ loglevel 4. Also I think that they are still working 
on updateing the IDEALX Perl scripts for manageing the userbase.

>OK I am a 2.2.8a/LDAP user and have thus far been very skeptical about
>making the switch to Samba3.  I have seen inconclusive evidence of Beta
>3's success rate from the postings since its release.  So my question
>Has anybody been able to get Samba3b3 to act as complete replacement for
>their Windows or Samba2.2.8a PDC?  How about with an LDAP backend?  Is
>it stable and bug-free enough for a mission-critical production
>I've already set my sights on waiting for a final release candidate
>before switching; however your feedback might convince me otherwise.
>-- Scott

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