[Samba] I've always HATED printing with Samba

Jim C jcllings at tsunamicomm.net
Fri Jul 25 15:49:08 GMT 2003

OK, some progress.  I managed to get access to the printer but now I 
have the bi-directional communications problem.
Using Lexmark Z52 drivers did not help.  From the communications I've 
been googleing, several have had this problem and my guess is that at 
least one person has solved it.  Note that for right now I don't really 
care much about bi-directional communication.  I just want to get it 

Jim C.

Joel Hammer wrote:

>Is is established yet if your setup is using the lexmark supplied software
>or cups drivers? It may not really matter. If the printer is working
>fine locally, then it seems to be a problem with samba. What you have to
>do is figure out which queue is accepting jobs on your server, locally,
>then set up your samba share to direct jobs to that queue. 
>You might look at /var/spool/lpd. The print queues usually hang out there.
>Look for a print queue which is controlling your printer, and use that
>in your samba share.
>Your system seems to be generating its printcap file dynamically. This
>sounds like something with which I contended when I used RH at one
>time. This is one of the many advances in linux which just makes it
>harder to fix problems. I didn't get any results with network printing
>until I disabled that automatic generation of the printcap. There is
>some sort of printing frontend which does this. I would get rid of it and
>set up a regular printcap file, or else try to edit the configuration file
>this printing frontend is using.

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