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Don Zajic donald.zajic at verizon.net
Thu Jul 24 13:43:00 GMT 2003

I am not saying that this is the solution, however, if you were to post
a copy of your smb.conf file, it may allow us to shed some light on your

It may have something to do with your hosts allow parameter.  My line
looks like this:   hosts allow = 192.168.1. 192.168.2. 127.

This allows hosts from the specified class c networks and localhost to
use the smb/nmb services.

Here is the guidance from the smb.conf man page:

       hosts allow (S)
              A synonym for this parameter is allow hosts.

              This  parameter is a comma, space, or tab delimited set of
              which are permitted to access a service.

              If specified in the [global] section then it will apply
to  all
              services,  regardless  of  whether  the individual service
has a
              different setting.

              You can specify the hosts by name or IP number. For
example, you
              could restrict access to only the hosts on a Class C
subnet with
              something like allow hosts = 150.203.5.  . The  full
syntax  of
              the list is described in the man page hosts_access(5).
Note that
              this man page may not be present on  your  system,  so  a
              description will be given here also.

              Note that the localhost address will always be
              access unless specifically denied by a hosts deny option.

              You can also specify hosts by network/netmask pairs and by
              group  names  if your system supports netgroups. The
              word can also be used to limit a wildcard  list.  The
              examples may provide some help:

              Example 1: allow all IPs in 150.203.*.*; except one

              hosts allow = 150.203. EXCEPT

              Example 2: allow hosts that match the given

              hosts allow =

              Example 3: allow a couple of hosts

              hosts allow = lapland, arvidsjaur

              Example  4:  allow only hosts in NIS netgroup "foonet",
but deny
              access from one particular host

              hosts allow = @foonet

 Don Zajic

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I have configured samba server on my Red Hat Linux 8.0
Samba server is visible in the network neighbour hood of windows 9*
IP of samba server is   netmask is on eth0.
This samba server is visible in network and working fine.

My problem is I can not see the samba server in other subnetworks like or etc. (in network neighbourhood). Whereas
other windows95 based machines of network are browsable
from the network neighbourhood of sunetwork. Only samba
server is not browsable rom subnet. Kindly
guide what to do.


Vinod Garg
vinod at pu.ac.in

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