[Samba] 2 issues using SAMBA as a print server

Rob Tanner rtanner+samba at linfield.edu
Wed Jul 23 18:24:17 GMT 2003

I am using SAMBA/Lprng to do printer accounting for charge-back.  There
are two technical issues I have not been able to resolve.

1. When attempting to connect to the printer from a Windows box in the
domain (the SAMBA server is simply a server that's a member of the domain,
it is not the PDC) I get the message that the server does not have the
appropriate driver and then it pops up a setup wizard.  Since some several
hundred machines may end up using any one of 10 different printers, what
do I need to do in SAMBA to prevent this?

2. Even though I can print to the SAMBA shared printer without any
problem, the box that gives printer status claims that it cannot connect
to the printer.  What setting in SAMBA will take care of that?


Rob Tanner
UNIX Services Manager
Linfield College, McMinnville OR

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