[Samba] Printing multiple copies

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Wed Jul 23 11:19:08 GMT 2003

> No! But if I print from Acrobat Reader is see a popup where the system
> say that the printing support only 1 print copy. Word or Excel doesn't show
> anythink

This really sounds like something in the printer driver on your
client. I don't see this problem with XP home or XP pro.  I would try
to use a different driver, say the HP laserjet III plus with postscript
or some such, and run the same experiment as before. (No paper in the
printer). Look at your /tmp/JunkJ file for how many jobs got sent. Look
at the queue on the windows client. If there are multiple files being
sent, then that would prove that the printer driver is the problem.

BTW, that would also be a solution. Get a linux driver for your printer
that accepts postscript (all of them do) and your printer problems are
solved forever, at least with this printer.


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