[Samba] Samba 3.0 + Active Directory + Debian + Profiles?

Jan Johansson jan.johansson at nwl.se
Wed Jul 23 08:48:51 GMT 2003

>How on earth do i make Debian/Unstable play nice and use Samba 3.0 as a
>member server in a AD-Domain running in Native Mode, and be able to
>store user profiles on the Samba server? I just can make no heads nor
>tails from any documentation, have I missed something fundamental?
>Adding the server to the domain was easy enough. But then user
>authentication does not seem to work?

Maybe I am closer then I thought. 

I removed samba completely, reinstalled it, joined it to the domain, and
"net ads" sort of started to work, I got a "no credential in cache" from

And when doing a net view from a windows box, I get "access denied" and
the following in my logs.

==> log.nwl105 <==
[2003/07/23 10:49:02, 1] libads/kerberos_verify.c:ads_verify_ticket(91)
  krb5_parse_name(HOST/ndc5-router-1@) failed (Malformed representation
of principal)
[2003/07/23 10:49:02, 1] smbd/sesssetup.c:reply_spnego_kerberos(175)
  Failed to verify incoming ticket!

==> log.smbd <==
[2003/07/23 10:49:02, 1] sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_idmap_init(487)
  idmap uid range missing or invalid
  idmap will be unable to map foreign SIDs
[2003/07/23 10:49:02, 1] sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_idmap_init(499)
  idmap gid range missing or invalid
  idmap will be unable to map foreign SIDs

where should I be looking?

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