[Samba] Restrict some directories in browse list

Bob Crandell bob at assuredcomp.com
Tue Jul 22 19:54:06 GMT 2003

Try putting
browsable = no
in that share.

Miguel Koren O'Brien de Lacy (miguelk at konsultex.com.br) wrote:
>I have the problem of needing to hide some directories from the browse
>list (Win98 clients) of some users (total of about 250). I am expecting
>to create behaviour similar to the home directory where only the home
>owner can see it. I would like to make some shares visible only to users
>in a certain Unix group.
>I have a share 'Automation' with a sub-directory structure and I use
>Unix user and group rights to manage that. I would like 'Automation' to
>be invisible to about 1/2 of the users (today they see it even though
>they have no access). I am using 'hide unreadable' in the sahre and it
>works great 'inside' the share but what I would like is to hide the
>share itself.
>I've searched around and found an idea of including conf files per user
>or group (where I would define which shares appear) but this seems very
>complex to manage on a daily basis with a large number of users. Is
>there a better solution or would this be it?
>Konsultex Informatica
>São Paulo, Brazil

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