[Samba] PANIC: failed to set gid

Joseph jolt at nicholasofmyra.org
Tue Jul 22 17:58:59 GMT 2003

I have looked through the mailing lists for an answer to this.  It would
seem that many people have had this problem, but no one has posted an

I have a Samba controlled domain with Windows 2000 Pro workstations.  In the
past, users could use CTRL+ALT+DEL change password to change their domain
password.  I'm not sure when it quit working, but it quit.  I now get
"domain XXX not available."  On the Samba server, the log shows:

[2003/07/22 13:14:16.379102, 0] lib/util_sec.c:assert_gid(114)
  Failed to set gid privileges to (0,2060) now set to (2060,2060)
[2003/07/22 13:14:16.382020, 0] lib/util.c:smb_panic(1094)
  PANIC: failed to set gid

I can't find any reason why I'm getting this message.  The configuration
file has not changed since I was able to get the password change to work.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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