FW: [Samba] smbmount problem

Yair Naveh yairv at jce.ac.il
Tue Jul 22 15:05:57 GMT 2003


Sorry about the misplaced Q

I tried to use a script that when user will logon to the machine he will
mount to smb mount (instead of fstab if it's problem)

I sow on several places the option to use on /etc/fstab this line
//server/share  /mnt/home smbfs   noauto,user     0 0
and I tried to  put on script smbmount //server/share /mnt/home -o
username=$USER and get
libsmb based programs must *NOT* be setuid root
I changed the mod to smbmount  to  +s

any idea ???

Tank's a lot

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Hy Yair
your Q is missplaced
i understand that your 50 users work on linuxboxes clients?? and mount from
server (previus nfs) with samba homes directories??
I dont understand why?
But this idea only work on one mount point that can mount only one user at
time. This can be mounted on boot but only one user rights will be used
(user logged to samba with options for smbfs) Or can be mount be login linux
client script then can aply users ruless but not can mount more as one at
time to one mount point /mnt/home.

Try write why and what you need solve.

If you need exactly mount one share for all users on boot then to fstab you
must write all needed parameters for this smbfs not user but
username=ACOUNT,password=PASS ... as writed on mount command -o switch
without spaces.

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Subject: [Samba] smbmount problem

> Hi
>  I want to replace nfs mounting  with smbmount I have 50 users I tried to
> put
>  on /etc/fstab the line
>  - manually per user I'm using mount -t smbfs -o username=$USER
>  //server/share /mnt/home and it prompt for a password
>  But I need it on boot automatically for any user so I tried this
>  //server/share    /mnt/home user 0 0
>  and it's not working
>  Tank's Yair
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