[Samba] settings for Samba with Win2k and Win98 MYOB users.

Anthony Carmody carmoda at zip.com.au
Tue Jul 22 12:19:19 GMT 2003


I have Samba all set-up and working on a clients network, but i want to
tweak things so that in one 'share' the users can open files and write to
them at the same time. [they are using MYOB an accounting package]

some are using win98 machines with no passwords set, and one has XP pro. XP
seems to forget the password set to the share upon disconnection. very
annoying as this does not happen with win2k and 98 that i can see. anyone
got any tips? mail me directly please.

/Email:iamcarmoda.remove. at hotmail.com
/Jabber:carmoda at jabber.org

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