[Samba] "chdir failed" while mounting samba share

Paul Eggleton paule at cjntech.co.nz
Mon Jul 21 21:55:05 GMT 2003

stefan sokoll wrote on Tuesday, 22 July 2003 5:39 a.m.:
> Jul 21 19:36:43 linux smbd[9088]: [2003/07/21 19:36:43, 0]
> smbd/service.c:set_current_service(56) Jul 21 19:36:43 linux
> smbd[9088]:   chdir (/home/DOMAIN/stefan1/Desktop) failed 
> what can cause that error? is it a problem with changing the
> permission? 

This error is occurring probabably because the user that is connecting
does not have permission to enter that directory (x). There should be an
entry in your log files saying "connect to service <servicename>
initially as user <username>". See what the username is there and make
sure they have permission to enter the directory.


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