[Samba] Help wanted...

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Mon Jul 21 08:41:16 GMT 2003

Have you last updated Redhat? Kernel? Samba? on linux boxes.
Works ping linux to linux ok (small and large packets)?

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> Long story short, I have a small LAN, a Red Hat 8.0 fileserver, a Win95
> fileserver and 2 workstations, one Win98SE and the other is Red Hat 8.0.
> Using Samba as the common file system thread, I can access and play an MP3
> file from the Win95 server using the RH workstation and it works fine.  I
> access and play an MP3 from Linux or Win95 server using the Windows
> workstation and that works fine.  But trying to access and play an MP3
> the Linux server using the Linux workstation produces a very choppy sound.
> It will play for a second and then pause for several seconds and repeat.
> I can access and play the file from the Windows workstaion via Network
> Neighborhood pointed at the RH workstation where the RH server is mounted
> that even plays fine!  It just won't work if I go straight from the Linux
> workstation to the Linux server.  A very weird problem and I've looked and
> looked for a solution but nothing has come up. I've played with the Samba
> settings in the smb.conf file dealing with the socket buffer, etc. but it
> doesn't really make any difference.  I tried the Red Hat list but that was
> help. If anyone has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.  I don't
> really think this is a Samba problem but I don't know where else to
> Just a message from Doug...
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