[Samba] Help wanted...

G. Douglas Burton (RH 8.0) slugg0 at adelphia.net
Mon Jul 21 02:39:53 GMT 2003

Long story short, I have a small LAN, a Red Hat 8.0 fileserver, a Win95 
fileserver and 2 workstations, one Win98SE and the other is Red Hat 8.0.  
Using Samba as the common file system thread, I can access and play an MP3 
file from the Win95 server using the RH workstation and it works fine.  I can 
access and play an MP3 from Linux or Win95 server using the Windows 
workstation and that works fine.  But trying to access and play an MP3 from 
the Linux server using the Linux workstation produces a very choppy sound.  
It will play for a second and then pause for several seconds and repeat.  Now 
I can access and play the file from the Windows workstaion via Network 
Neighborhood pointed at the RH workstation where the RH server is mounted and 
that even plays fine!  It just won't work if I go straight from the Linux 
workstation to the Linux server.  A very weird problem and I've looked and 
looked for a solution but nothing has come up. I've played with the Samba 
settings in the smb.conf file dealing with the socket buffer, etc. but it 
doesn't really make any difference.  I tried the Red Hat list but that was no 
help. If anyone has a suggestion it would be greatly appreciated.  I don't 
really think this is a Samba problem but I don't know where else to turn...

Just a message from Doug...

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