[Samba] Re: Slow file copying from Server to clients

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Jul 18 14:43:15 GMT 2003

||||| I also had a look at the network card settings. 
||||| It's set to full duplex 100MB and only 0 errors, 
||||| collisions are plenty but this is a "flat" 
||||| network so it's to be expected. 

|||| Hold on. Collisions are not to be expected if 
|||| your NIC is 100/FD. It implies that there is a 
|||| switch, not a hub, between your Mac and Samba. 
|||| You should set your NIC to Auto-Detect speed or 
|||| to 100/HD if you are connected via a hub. And 
|||| even if it is a switch, your setting must match 
|||| the port setting, so check it out. 

||| Thanks for the tip. I don't know how to change the 
||| card under linux. Is there a way? 

|| man mii-tool will tell you how you can do it, 
|| unless your NIC doesn't comply. But I thought your 
|| problem was on the Mac side. 

| Not sure where the problem lies. It might in fact be | on the mac side, the problem however is that I am no | fundi when it comes to mac. Will have to check out  | the mac for some sort of config that I could change.

I never laid my hand on a Mac before but I assisted a 
friend via phone when he wanted to share his DSL with
the rest of the family. I believe there is an icon on
the desktop for network-related tasks, perhaps within
a more general toolbox. Though we only set the IP
addresses and masks for the host, gateway and DNS 
server, there must also be a tab for physical settings 
of the NIC. If it's not there, then it's probably
plug-n-play, which means Auto-Detect. Now, if your
hub or switch cannot auto-detect, you may have a
problem. Some cheap hubs/switches have one or more
dip-switches to set 10/100 or FD/HD. If Mac can't be 
forced to any specific speed/duplicity mode, you'll 
have to experiment, until you get satisfactory results.

This is only to eliminate the collisions. It mustn't 
necessarily correct your main problem, which may
be somewhere else. However, collisions shouldn't be 
taken for granted.

Good luck.

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