[Samba] Re: Slow file copying from Server to clients

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Jul 18 14:13:05 GMT 2003

||| I have a linux box running SuSE 8.2 with samba 
||| 2.2.7-a58. Everything works well except when 
||| clients workstations copy files to their 
||| workstations, in particular my client running 
||| Mac OS X. Mac OS X supports the SMB protocol. I 
||| had a look at the logs but could not see 
||| anything that looks out of the ordinary, not 
||| that I know what everything means, but nothing 
||| from a glance that would point to a reason for 
||| my problem. I even rebooted the server but still 
||| no luck. Copying to the server seems fine. In 
||| fact copying a few Gig of data takes less time 
||| than retreiveing 40 MB from the server. 
||| I also had a look at the network card settings. 
||| It's set to full duplex 100MB and only 0 errors, 
||| collisions are plenty but this is a "flat" 
||| network so it's to be expected. 

|| Hold on. Collisions are not to be expected if your 
|| NIC is 100/FD. It implies that there is a switch, 
|| not a hub, between your Mac and Samba. You should 
|| set your NIC to Auto-Detect speed or to 100/HD if 
|| you are connected via a hub. And even if it is a 
|| switch, your setting must match the port setting, 
|| so check it out. 

| Thanks for the tip. I don't know how to change the
| card under linux. Is there a way? 

man mii-tool will tell you how you can do it, unless
your NIC doesn't comply. But I thought your problem 
was on the Mac side.

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