[Samba] Question / Help

PageDeveloper spierce at page-developer.net
Wed Jul 16 18:41:33 GMT 2003

Good Morning,

I am fairly new to Samba, well I am very new.  <G>  I have a samba
server set up on RH 8 and I can see the shares on a win2k box, and
a win 98 machine.

Printing, well that is the issue.  I can see the printers, but when
I try to print I get a message that the printer is not available, or
it just does not print.  I can once in a blue moon get the win 2K
machine to do a test print.  

The RH machine, I can print from without issue.  I just hit print and
off it goes. 

The printer is an HP 970CSE and everything that
I have been able to get my hands on tells me that IT SHOULD work.  Well
at this point I am not sure.  Has anyone been able to get a HP DJ 970xxx
to print under these conditions??

I have spent 4 days on this.  I can send my smb.conf file if anyone wants
to see it.  One note: If I click on the printer from within the share,
it tells me access denied, unable to connect.  Yes, I agree that could be
a issue, but where would I go to resolve it??

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